Julian Lallo Photography


Since picking up a camera in 2015 Julian Lallo's visual perspective of the world is now captured in still frames. 

Melbourne born and bred, Julian first started posting his shots online for friends and family. He has since grown a significant online presence and has branched out into commercial photography and portraiture.

Julian is driven by the aesthetics of urban space, his photos are a mix of street grime and sleek architectural form that collide with the sculpted flesh of his subjects. Julian's photos reveal a visual narrative of the city and its inhabitants. 

Inspired and blessed by his collaborators and subjects; everyone from thrill seeking urban explorers to striking physique models. Photography is an extension of his day to day life working in the fitness industry, his passion for fitness influences photos that match the sculpted contours of the body to the materiality of constructed spaces. 

At home on the city streets but always looking to extend his work into nature and wildlife photography, an interest that emerged from a recent trip to the national parks of South Africa. Julian is also  excited by opportunities to work with street skaters, bmx riders and other adventurers.

image by Khanh Nguyen