Aperitivo Baby!



An alcoholic beverage consumed prior to a meal with intention to stimulate the appetite. 

Now ask an Italian for a definition and you’ll come to realise its so much more…

Originating in Northern Italy in the late 18th century the “art of aperitivo” has become somewhat of a cultural expression for Italians. 

Similar to what the rest of the world refer to as ‘Happy Hour’ - Aperitivo is a time to unwind after a long day, catch up with friends and family and of course whet the appetite before the main meal.

Traditionally the Aperitivo cocktail is light on alcohol and slightly bitter in taste, pairing perfectly with salty appetisers or ‘stuzzichini’. Such appetisers could include cured meats and cheeses, pizza and even small plates of pasta. 

Sounds like the perfect way to end a work day right?

Well with Melbourne summer just around the corner, Baby Pizzeria in Richmond are putting their newly refurbished alfresco area to good using and launching their very own Aperitivo from 3-6pm daily! To accompany the always refreshing Aperol and Campari Spritz, the guys at Baby have put together dishes such as Fiore di Zucca, Fritto di Polenta and Burrata with roasted peppers.

You may be asking why am I telling you all of this? 

Well I recently teamed up with Baby Pizzeria and models Leah Johnson and Tamika Fawcett to shoot a very fun, very Italian launch campaign.

Here’s what we came up with… 

Baby Pizza.jpg
Baby Pizzeria.jpg
Jolena Lallo