Pastel Dreams

For those of you following me on Instagram, you'd probably be quite aware the work I've done with my good buddy Kwabee Otuo - and just how regularly we get to work together. But it seems the busier we both get and the more campaigns we work on, the less we get to create, just for the sake of creating. This shoot a couple of moths back gave us the chance to do exactly that - create!

When I came across this location and it's amazing pastel palette, I wanted to shoot a set with Kwabee in neutral tones - making him stand out from the background. The location also called for a relaxed street vibe with a summer feel. With this simple direction on fit; and Kwabee's extensive wardrobe - this is what we came up with!


Kwabee St Kilda 1.jpg
Julian Lallo.jpg
Kwabee x Pastel Dreams.jpg
Pastal Dreams by Julian Lallo.jpg
Kwabee St Kilda 8.jpg
Kwabee St Kilda 2.jpg
Kwabee St Kilda 6.jpg