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It's no secret that I love the power of photography when it comes to telling a story or conveying emotion. But I also love its ability to create an illusion - and that's exactly what we did with this shoot! With just a few 3M hooks and some old white fabric that her grandmother had been hoarding for years, we transformed Taylah Langley's humble bedroom, into a set that even she could barely recognise.

When seeing the result of combining the all white setting and the soft natural light I couldn't help but feel this was a photo set that only a black and white edit could do justice to.

I hope you guys enjoy what we came up with!

Taylah Langely x Julian lallo 3.jpg
Taylah Langely x Julian lallo 1.jpg
Taylah Langely x Julian lallo 4.jpg
Taylah Langely x Julian lallo 5.jpg
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