George & King - Autumn/Winter 2018

Julian Lallo Autumn Winter 18.jpg

For a few weeks every year, the Victorian town of Macedon witnesses the leaves of 154 Oak trees that line Honour Avenue transform with beautiful Autumn colours. So beautiful in fact, that on any given day in this period you can literally find bus loads of tourists trying to get their snapshot of Autumn.

So when Australian menswear tailors George and King contacted to me to shoot their Autumn/Winter campaign I knew just the location.

In order to avoid the crowds and (in my option) catch the best best light of the day we opted to shoot at sunrise - making it an early departure given the one hour drive from Melbourne.

Well! On this occasion the early bird certainly caught the worm! We were treated to abeautiful golden sunrise, enabling the entire shoot to be shot with natural light.

For the interested photographer - this set was photographed using my Canon 5dIV and Canon L-Series 70-200 2.8


George & King x Julian lallo Autumn Winter-23.jpg
George & King x Julian Lallo.jpg
Jolena Lallo